Venture Products’ Best-Step® products are great for all areas of your home!  For garages, workshops, factories, or other similarly harsh environments, the interlocking anti-fatigue flooring is ideal for providing cushioned support that makes it possible to stand and work for hours at a time. Offered in textured black or gray, the extremely durable foam blocks are lightweight and expandable, and can be installed or reconfigured quickly, to address the needs of any project. The flooring can also be affixed to walls or even ceilings to help absorb excess noise from power tools or engines.


For the home, Best-Step offers interlocking comfort flooring in a variety of textures and colors to match any home décor.  Great for use in foyers, family rooms, laundry rooms, play rooms, basements and more.  In addition, many of the Best-Step products feature Microban® antimicrobial product protection which is infused during production and inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew for the full lifespan of the product.


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