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Ball Claw™ — an innovative storage and display solution

Passionate fans and families raising young athletes know only too well the frustration of loose balls rolling all around. But now, Venture Products, LLC offers a solution — the Ball Claw™, a unique mount for containing everything from junior’s muddy soccer ball to the treasured memorabilia.

Available for both round and oblong balls, the Ball Claw will hold most large balls, including those used for football, soccer (ball sizes 4 and up), volleyball, basketball, and even rugby. Mountable directly on a wall with included hardware, the unique claw appeals to a broad range of customers, from athletes who utilize it for storage and preserving the life of various balls to collectors displaying memorabilia.

The Ball Claw is also available with attachments to actually expand its usefulness. Track system kits allow for easy displayed or storage of multiple balls, and several Ball Claws can be slid horizontally or vertically onto special tracks to help better organize larger displays.

In addition, the On-the-Go Ball Claw strap makes hands-free ball carrying possible; this 3-in-1 strap can be slung over the shoulder or chest, or even attached to a duffel bag or backpack. And with the strap removed, the claw can be conveniently attached to a goal post or basketball pole. 

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